Cadenza Academic Translations

Cadenza Academic Translations specialise in the translation of academic articles, papers and books in the arts and the humanities.

Working with universities, research organisations, academic journals and publishing houses, Cadenza is a partner of the French company,, for whom it has translated more than 600 articles; it is also responsible for evaluating and editing all articles on their English-language platform.

Cadenza Academic Translations has translated papers in three separate book volumes for the Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide programme, to be published with Manchester University Press, and is currently translating and editing a three-volume book in the social sciences for Éditions EHESS (Éditions de l’école des hautes études en sciences sociales [School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences]).

The diverse academic background of Cadenza’s translators and editors enables the matching of subject and expertise. Familiarity with the relevant publications, minute attention to detail, scrupulous checking of referencing, and concern for appropriate style are the hallmarks of the company’s work.