Jon Shute


Jon Shute is a Criminologist working at the Centre for Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCCJ), University of Manchester Law School. Jon has enduring research interests in crime, health and human development; in particular, understanding and reducing the effects of environmental and family stress on children and youth. He is also interested in the theoretical integration of psychology and criminology, and the application that integration to the study of mass violence.

His project role is to develop and apply a theory of ‘moral neutralisation’ to explain the denial strategies that are (I) used by perpetrators (and bystanders) when destroying bodies; (II) challenged, entrenched or transformed by the identification of bodies; (III) overcome – or possibly even further employed – in order to commemorate of the victims of mass violence. He is also interested in exploring the destruction of bodies as punishment (that is, as a subject of penological analysis), and in comparing the ways in which former criminals and former criminal states come to terms with their past.

In November 2014 Jon organised the workshop ‘Towards a criminology of mass violence and corpse’ at the University of Manchester.