Consulted ethics commities


The COVED (Comité de veille éthique et déontologique) is the Ethics Commity of the EHESS, hosting institution of this research programme. The CODEV has given a positive evaluation of our project in September 2011.    



The COMETS (Comité ethique du CNRS) is the Ethics Commity if the Centre National de la Recherche Sscientifique, french hosting institution of Elisabeth Anstett, the principal investigator of this research programme. The COMETS’ referee has given his evaluation of our research programme in october 2011.


The CNIL (Commission National Informatique et liberté) is the french State Commission taking care of all ethical and legal issues raised by the collecting and storage of digital data. This commission shall stay informed of the works undertaken in the frame of our research programme.

The University of Manchester Research Ethics Commities

The University is committed to good practice in research, part of which is ensuring all relevant research receives independent ethical review. All projects involving University staff undertaking research using human subjects therefore require approval either from an NHS Research Ethics Committee, from the University's Senate Committee or from the Research Ethics commity of their school before they start.

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