Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Report on the situation of human rights in Argentina

In recent years, both before and after the March 1976 military takeover, the IACHR has received denunciations of serious violations of human rights in Argentina, which it has processed according to its regulations. In addition on a number of occasions, it has informed representatives of the Argentine Government of its concern about the increase in the number of denunciations, and about information received from various sources that comprises a pattern of serious, generalized and systematic violations of basic human rights and freedoms.

In light of this situation, the IACHR decided to prepare the present report, and when it informed the Argentine Government of this decision, the Commission also advised it of its interest in conducting an on-site observation in Argentina, in the belief that this is the most suitable method of determining precisely and objectively the status of human rights in a particular country at a particular time in history.

Please follow the link here for the full report published by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights in Argentina.