Presentations & attended conference

In 2013, the research Programm Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide will be presented in several major academic conferences:

The 13th Annual ESC Conference

Jon Shute and Caroline Fournet will be presenting their research in a session organised and chaired by J. Shute, "FROM ATROCITY TO TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE: PERPETRATION & PROSECUTION"
  • "CORPSEWORK ”: HABIT, OCCUPATIONAL SUBCULTURE & DENIAL IN TIMES OF PEACE & CONFLICT. Jon Shute,University of Manchester, Centre of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • POLICE AND WAR CRIMES IN THE BOSNIAN KRA JINA : ANALYSING JUDICIAL SOURCESAndy AitchisonUniversity of Edinburgh, School of Law, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • SEXUAL VIOLENCE , GENDER AND INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Caroline Fournet, University of Groningen, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Groningen, The Netherlands.
  • LEGAL STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS IN POST -CONFLICT SITUATIONSNandor KnustMax Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Department of Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany

The 10th biennal IAGS conference

The 10th Biennial Conference of IAGS (International Association of Genocide Scholars) has been organised in June 19-22,2013, in Siena-Italy and was entitled “The Aftermath of Genocide: Victims and Perpetrators, Representations and Interpretations". Jean-Marc Drefus' work has been presented together with Lore Colaert and Claudia Garrido-Varras' latests research in a pannel chaired by Elisabeth Anstett and discussed by Sévane Garibian, entitled "Why exhume? Social, legal and political aftermaths of mass violence and genocide".