New publication – Space and the memories of violence

Space and violence coverPamela Colombo (Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide programme) has published an edited collection with Estela Schindel on the relation between violence, memory and space: Space and the memories of violence: Landscapes of erasure, disappearance and exception.

Focusing on enforced disappearances and genocide as violent practices aimed at destroying and erasing the traces of the ‘enemy’, the contributions gathered inquire about the manifold spatial strategies of domination and violence, but also about the powers of memory, resistance and transformation. The originality and core contribution of this book lies in the dialogue it establishes between memory studies, on the one hand, and critical studies of space on the other. The bridging of these academic fields opens up a fertile and unexplored research area.

The volume brings together young academics and prominent international scholars from a variety of disciplinary fields, including Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Literature, Cultural Studies, Architecture and Theatre Studies. The authors engage with the spatial deployment of past and present violence in Argentina, Cambodia, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

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Conference: Exhumed bodies and memory

imatge_antropologia_forenseOrganitza: Institut Català d’Antropologia (ICA) i ERAPI-Laboratori Cooperatiu de Socioantropologia. Amb la col·laboració de l’Insitut d’Estudis Catalans i el suport de l’Institut Ramon Muntaner i el Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

L’objectiu d’aquesta jornada és divulgar el treball efectuat pels professionals de l’antropologia en el marc dels processos de recuperació de la memòria de la repressió i la violència  durant la guerra civil i el franquisme, i en particular pel que fa als equips multidisciplinars que s’encarreguen d’exhumar fosses comunes.

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