Papers and lectures

Elisabeth Anstett & Jean-Marc Dreyfus, 27rd March 2012, “Corpses of mass violence and genocide. Destruction, identification, re(conciliation)”, research seminar offered at the Núcleo de Estudios sobre Memoria of the Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Elisabeth Anstett & Jean-Marc Dreyfus, 4th April 2012, “Les cadavres et les violences de masse: destruction, identification, patrimonialisation” (with simultaneous translation in Spanish), Research seminar offered at the Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación  de l’Universidad de la República, Montevideo (Uruguay).

Elisabeth Anstett & Jean-Marc Dreyfus, 5th February 2013, “Why exhume? Social, legal and political aftermaths of mass violence and genocide”. Lecture given in the seminar of the department of Anthropology, University of Sussex (UK).

Elisabeth Anstett & Jean-Marc Dreyfus, 10th April 2013, “Corpses of mass violence and genocide. Why is the corpse absent from research?”, research seminar offered at the Franco-Bielorussian Center for European Studies, Minsk (Belarus).

Elisabeth Anstett & Jean-Marc Dreyfus, 23rd May 2013, “Corpses of mass violence and genocide. Destruction, identification, re(conciliation)”, Lecture given in the seminar “Faces and traces of violence”, Project “The politics of memory in contemporary Spain. A decade of exhumations”, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid (Spain).

Elisabeth Anstett, 29th June 2012, « Long time missing corpses: soviet mass violence and bodies’ disappearance», INOGs 3rd Biennial Conference, San Francisco State University (USA).

Jean-Marc Dreyfus, November 1-4th, 2012, “Saintly Remains? The Transfer of Ashes after the Holocaust”, paper in the Panel “Ashes and Human Remains during and after the Holocaust”, at the Conference “Lessons and Legacies XII”, Evanston, Ill. (USA).

Jean-Marc Dreyfus, 18th June 2013, “A forgotten French memorial enterprise: the French exhumations in Germany after World War II, 1945-1958”, paper in the panel “ Why exhume? Social, legal and political aftermaths of mass violence and genocide”, at IAGS Conference, University of Sienna (Italy).

Caroline Fournet, 9th May 2012, ‘¿Dónde están? – Between crimes against humanity and genocide: A legal analysis of enforced disappearances in Argentina’, University of Groningen (The Netherlands), Human Rights Research Group.

Caroline Fournet, 28th June – 1 July 2012, “Causing bodily harm to members of the group”: a rhetorical phrase or an effective tool for genocide prevention?”, INOGs 3rd Biannual Conference, San Francisco State University (USA).

Caroline Fournet, 8th November 2012 ‘‘¡Presentes! Ahora y Siempre’ – Reconstruction and Reconciliation in the aftermath of enforced disappearances: The cases of Argentina and Uruguay”. Masterclass, Conference ‘Post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation’, SIB-Groningen, Dutch United Nations Student Association, (The Netherlands).

Caroline Fournet, 27th November 2012, ‘Justice for the Disappeared: Transitional Justice in Argentina and Uruguay’, expert Workshop ‘The Rule of Law and Grassroots Justice: rethinking the State, Civil Society and Transitional Justice’, University of Groningen, GSG-REG (The Netherlands).

Caroline Fournet, 4th December 2012, ‘The crime of enforced disappearance – Case studies: Argentina and Uruguay’, International Criminal Law and Criminology Seminar, VU Amsterdam (The Netherland).

Caroline Fournet, 23rd April 2013, ‘Can victims disappear?’, Lecture around the documentary film “Een gruwelijk geheim”, in the presence of M. Daniel Rey Piuma. NGIZ Noord (Dutch Society of International Affairs), Groningen (The Netherlands).

Jon Shute 29th June 2012, ‘Destroying bodies: Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’, INOGs 3rd Biennial Conference, San Francisco State University (USA).

Jon Shute, 13th September 2012, ’Unfamiliar territory: Theory and method for a criminology of corporal destruction’, Corpses & Destruction, First annual conference of the Research Programme Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide, Paris (France).

Jon Shute, 14th September 2012 ’Punishment, the body and comparative state violence: the ’peculiar institution’ and ‘the dirty war’, European Society of Criminology annual conference, Bilbao (Spain).

Jon Shute, 23rd November 2012, Respondent at ‘Humanitarian Crises & International Law’ workshop, University of Leeds (podcast available at

Jon Shute 28th November 2012, ’Naive criminological reflections on Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’, research seminar offered at UCLAN, Preston (USA).