New publication – Rwanda, entre crise morale et malaise esthétique

rwanda_FThe scholar Nathan Réra has recently published Rwanda, entre crise morale et malaise  esthétique – Les médias, la photographie et le cinéma à l’épreuve du génocide des Tutsi (1994-2014) [Rwanda between moral crisis and malaise aesthetic – Media, photography and cinema to the test of the Tutsi genocide (1994-2014)].

The book is a historical and theoretical reflection on the border between aesthetics and politics, on the decisive role of the images, powers and limits of representation, and the test of the last genocide of the twentieth century.

PhD in Art History, Nathan Réra works on representations of genocide, the study of (audio) visual archives and relations between the arts. He has authored two books published by Deep Red: From Paris to Drancy and the possibilities of art after Auschwitz (2009) and In the Garden of Delights – Interviews with Paul Verhoeven (2010).

For more information please see here.

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