Despues de la Violencia – Après la Violence: Workshop

Despues de la violenciaThe workshop Despues de la Violencia – Après la violence will take place 8-9 May 2014 at Fundación Polo Mercosur in Montevideo, Uruguay. The event is organised by Elisabeth Anstett (CNRS – Iris), José López Mazz (Universidad de la República Uruguay) and Denis Merklen (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – IHEAL), and will discuss the European and South American legacies of extreme violence in the twentieth century.

How can democracies face their history of rebellions, massacres, state terrorism and mass crimes? The workshop will put the European and South American experiences side by side, in order to analyze the different devices and outputs of violence. Anthropologists, philosophers, historians, sociologists and lawyers will here gather to understand the limits and contributions taught by each national experience.

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